Wonder combined with a feeling of pleasantness and aesthetic enjoyment is the result wished and achieved by Armando Rho in the production of its furnishing. Through a process of creative reinterpretation, classic shapes are transformed into prestigious pieces of furniture to meet the needs of customers who do not compromise on quality and elegance.

Armando Rho started its search path in the wood industry focusing on the discovery of rare and precious essences in unusual color shades and revealing the wonderful world of precious and semiprecious stones used in the furniture manufacturing.

Everything is consistent with Armando Rho’s production philosophy. In the past, formal classic furniture focusing on high quality was produced. But, in recent years, the company has introduced new techniques or already existing techniques which have been lost over the centuries. These techniques feature the use of precious and semi-precious stones in a particular way.

The inlay technique with semi-precious stones reintroduced by Armando Rho in its collections is a reference to a practice dating back to the 17th century. In order to use hard stones in inlay work, hard stones are brought to maximum thickness of 2 mm to be used in marquetry.

Eight out of ten pieces deteriorate, but the final result is very fine and impressive. It is worth the effort made in the choice of materials and processing.

Malachite, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, turquoise, lapis lazuli, jade and other wonders from the stone world enrich the furnishings made by Armando Rho in a smart dialogue with the finest woods.


The technique of ‘scagliola’ of semi-precious stones is also very valuable for its craftsmanship since Armando Rho revisited and redesigned it with a clear reference to the processing of plaster used in the 1700s in order to make inlays. Armando Rho included the technique in its offer replacing the plaster with hard and semi-hard stone powder to personalize it. The result is a ‘scagliola’ of malachite, lapis, and coral used for colored inlaid inserts that further enrich the wide range of wood essences used, giving a highly original and unique touch to each piece of furniture.


These wonders can be realized thanks to the extraordinary skill of generations of artisans who have been using the most refined and exclusive techniques for the production of unique pieces of furniture as well as complete furnishings, combining refined wood essences and precious and semiprecious stones with elements of hard-stone realized with the ‘scagliola’ technique, with shading and color effects resulting from an exclusive use of different mother-of-pearl shades.


These details will be able to surprise and conquer even the most demanding customer and, combined with taste and skill, will contribute to create the magic of Armando Rho’s furnishing.


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