NEW IAGTO MEMBER – CHILE: Welcome to Golf en Chile!

Carlos Fleischmann, has specialized bringing Groups of Golf very Exclusive, from Europe, with private jets. These groups also can arrive to the different Golf courses in helicopters.

But this Golf Service is not only for groups of golfers, also Golf in Chile offers this service for individuals, no matter the quantity of people that want to play.

Golf in Chile has a spectacular tour in a full day with helicopter, that takes off from Santiago, to Valle Nevado Ski Resort, landing for a coffee stop at one of their restaurants, having fun with the majestically view of the Los Andes Mountain. Once you finish this coffee break, you fly to the glaciers arround, with an altitud of 5.424 meters over the sea level, with a very spectacular and colosal view . From this part of the trip, you fly over the valley of Santiago and straight to the valley of Casa Blanca, where you land in one of the 20 different vineyards, so to take a private tour inside of the vineyard, after the tour, you have lunch at their restaurant, tasting the different types of wine. After lunch, you fly into Santiago, landing in one of the heliports.

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